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Monday, December 24, 2012

Rory's Secret Twist

Photo by: Rory M.

The French Twist is an old style, but the technique I am sharing is one that I discovered by accident, and it remains the only way I do twists now. 

Photo by: Rory M.
Step 1: Brush out the hair nice and smooth!

Step 2: Gather the hair at the base of the neck into a pony tail. 

Step 3: Position your hand over the ponytail, holding it between your thumb and index finger. 

Now it gets fun...

Photo by: Rory M.
Step 4: Rotate your finger counter-clockwise from 6 to 12 o'clock. The hair should be wrapped once 
around your finger.

Step 5: From there, rotate your hair down to 3 o'clock. 

Step 6: Turn your index finger to the left, so it points directly at your head. Keep turning until your finger is at nine o'clock (as seen in figure 5). 

Photo by: Rory M.
Step 7: Pull, tug, and tuck until the twist looks as you want it to. Bobby pin all the excess hair in place. Bekka's hair is very long, but we only used 7 bobby pins to keep it all in place!

Once your twist is all in place, give it a veil of hairspray to keep it smooth and together. 

Photo by: Rory M.
Don't be afraid try accessorizing like we did with a little red rose. The French Twist is a great style if you want simple elegance, or if you want to experiment with flowers, bows, clips, headbands, etc. 
Photo by: Rory M. 
Photo by: Rory M. 

Happy Holiday Hairdressing!

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